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Our Story

"We're all partners - Us, Our Clients, Our Team. This is a collaborative space where you can be who you are."

"5 years down the line, we want clients to come to us because of their utter faith in our work."

About Us

What started as a conversation in a room somewhere in Mumbai, turned into a passion project for two badass young women. Shivani Rajput and Vedanti Ghadi co-founded Markenzo Worldwide in 2019 driven by focused ambition and a common vision. Leaving behind lives that are deemed to be stable by society, they took on a challenge that only few dare to take. Facing unprecedented circumstances and overcoming tough hurdles along the way, they've had their taste of success over the past one year

Currently in a happy work relationship built on qualities that complement each other, Shivani and Vedanti have poured their hearts into creating a safe space for curious minds to do their thing and discover who they are. Markenzo Worldwide is fabricated through innate qualities of creative freedom, high work ethics, independent personalities and pure love for one's work.

Whether it's the way young entrepreneurs are underestimated or how women in leadership roles are stereotyped. With Markenzo, they share a joint purpose to bring about a wave of change in people's perceptions by working with brands that coincide with this line of thought. They are a force to reckon with and the partners you want to associate with.

Striding towards a vision of putting a young Indian-brewed Digital Marketing agency on the world map, Markenzo is paving its way with high quality output, out of the box strategies and establishing authentic relationships with clients and with their customers thereof. Weaving details into the stories of your brand, emphasising on the little things is what sets Markenzo apart in a chaos of the contemporary world.